What Is ESG Investing
While ESG and crypto assets have both been independently gaining popularity, investors have yet to draw significant links between ESG and crypto assets. Other investors are wondering how lithium and crypto are tied together.


ESG investing, or Environmental, Social and Governance Investing is the latest buzzword that has been coined to define a new category of investment that takes into account non-market factors and their impact on value. This includes what an investor might not see in the financial statements such as the company’s environmental footprint.


Some people are wondering, what does the E stand for in ESG? Environmental might focus on the company’s impact on the environment, for example its energy use or pollution output. In addition, an environmentally-conscious investor may consider the environmental footprint and carbon footprint of the protocol’s consensus model.


What does the S stand for ESG, you ask? Social is an indicator of how a company treats its employees, and covers things like excessive lay-offs, low wages, a lack of benefits etc. While it may be easy to overlook these factors when looking at the bottom line, social responsibility is also important in order for companies to function successfully.


Last but not least, what does the G stand for in ESG? Governance, also known as corporate governance, indicates how a company conducts its business. An investor wishing to perform ESG due diligence will look at aspects such as whether executives get paid in bitcoin or stock, if the company is transparent and if it allows stakeholders to vote on major decisions.

ESG is quickly gaining popularity as a new way of evaluating crypto-asset opportunities. By taking the time to determine which factors are important to you, any investor can determine if a cryptocurrency represents a solid investment opportunity.


LITH is a diverse team of experts with experience in various fields including energy, technology, business, finance and law. Our goal is to create opportunities for individuals and businesses that have the potential to scale on an international level while remaining socially and environmentally conscious. As more countries across the globe are adopting environmental social governance models (ESG), LITH merchants will be able to access one global decentralized network which will provide them with new possibilities – A market of endless opportunity stretching before us everyday as we grow together!

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