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Common Questions

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Two part answer:

LITH Token Project

Our vision is the desire to create opportunities for individuals and businesses with the potential to scale on an international level, while remaining both socially and environmentally conscious. As more countries across the globe adopt Environmental Social Governance models (ESG), LITH merchants will be ahead of the curve with access to a global, decentralized network providing them endless opportunity.

ERC20 Token (LITx)

The Token LITx is a fixed supply utility token deployed on our highly advanced and optimized smart contract, the lifeblood of our ecosystem. The smart contract and token are used for everything from;

  • In ecosystem spends: rating or purchasing products and services.
  • Exchange freely on the open market with support on both decentralized and centralized exchanges.
  • Automated cyclical ecosystem rewards, governed by our smart contract(s).

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of standards for a company’s behavior used by socially conscious investors to screen potential investments

The LITH Token Blockchain Hub is the central aspect of the ESG blockchain ecosystem. This dashboard will include a block explorer for checking transactions & LITH Token balance, a wallet for LITH Tokens, LITH Token direct purchase of products from the ESG marketplace, our blog and the ESG rating system/platform.

ShopLITH is a sustainability and ethics oriented marketplace providing a platform for creators, businesses, and individuals to buy, sell and trade physical and digital products and services. Integrated into the marketplace is a consumer oriented ESG rating system that houses and displays product information including, authentication, provenance, blockchain verified ESG data, and supply chain transparency. 

NOANE Protocol (Patent Pending), a revolutionary technology that allows for a true marriage between physical/tangible items and the blockchain. Layered within the protocol are proof of ownership, anti-counterfeiting and supply chain verification systems that provide the necessary security to truly integrate tangible items within the Metaverse and Web 3.0 applications.

In just a few steps you can easily add data to and encrypt your NFC chip. You then copy/paste the serial number of the chip, where prompted during the minting process.

It won’t function without each working together. You will not have true ownership of the NFT and you cannot access the private data without both physical and digital possession.

Yes. Just like any other nft marketplace but with the added option to create an extra layer of encryption. This allows the creator to include private data or any purpose they choose.

Physical nfts can be used for a myriad of purposes. From artists forever ensuring their royalties on any transaction of their physical art, to supply chain tracking and authentication, anti-counterfeiting, proof of ownership.

Security is our primary strength, the LITH development team are experts in the field and built the marketplace from scratch to ensure security and function. Most marketplaces simply copy the form of another, or are a generic white-label solution.

We also have highly optimized smart contracts which allow for minimal to *no-gas spent while using Shoplith.

Our built in fee’s are low and contribute to the cyclical rewards of our ecosystem.

*As our ecosystem grows we will move closer to a gas-free experience (our own layer 2).

No, LITx is a utility token. Legal guidelines for the crypto space are still being worked out. In light of this, we have taken great care to meet regulatory standards. Verified by third party legal expertise in our legal opinion letter.

Yes, LITx can be exchanged freely on the open market and anywhere accepting LITx as a form of payment. We will be working with partners/payment solutions to continually increase where LITx can be used.

LITx price is continually subject to change. Through adoption and trading the price will vary day to day. The price may also vary on different exchanges at any given time.

World map 1
our vision

Users from all over the World

The LITH Token (ERC-20 & ERC-1155) will be the cryptocurrency of choice for sustainable and socially conscious businesses to thrive. LITH utilizes blockchain technology to create an environment where all users within an ecosystem are incentivized to work together towards a common goal:

Creating a better world through decentralization and accountability in business.

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