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In conjunction with our partner Ensorcia Metals, Lith Token (LITH) is passionate about lithium mining. While we are very much in favor of the use of Lithium, current mining/extraction methods have had a negative impact. Traditional lithium mining has had adverse effects on the environment, as well as the indigenous people of Chile and Argentina. We’ve set out to remedy this by answering the questions "How are lithium and crypto working together?"

Our partner Ensorcia is the leader in 2021 Lithium Mining technology. Their cutting edge method dramatically improves upon the approach of traditional lithium extraction practices, leaving a softer footprint which is highly favorable to the local population.

To further advance this lithium technology paradigm shift we have opened one wallet, called the IPI, that is dedicated to supporting indigenous people impacted by lithium mining. We seek to also use these funds in spreading the word on this amazing technology. It is truly a game changer for any and all companies willing to adopt its use.  It should be noted that Ensorcia plans to donate US dollars to this initiative.

How will the IPI wallet be funded? We will initially fund the wallet with 10M LithLITH tokens. In addition, we will match token-for-token every contribution to this cause by current holders, up to another 10M. Every token contributed is greatly appreciated.

Also, we will soon begin offering LITH merchandise to help promote our brand and humanitarian efforts. All net proceeds from the purchase of LITH merchandise will be used to purchase LITH tokens and then transferred to the IPI wallet to further fund this project.

You may be wondering, what impact this will have on price, as the tokens obviously have to be sold in order to make an impact, right? In fact, that is not the case. The tokens from the IPI wallet will be traded for US dollars OTC with Individual and Institutional investors committed to holding the tokens long term. In turn this allows us to be committed to both this worthy cause and our holders.

Companies looking to donate to the IPI wallet will purchase $LITH tokens and deposit them to the wallet. $LITH is not an accepted form of currency…yet, so the tokens will need to be converted before they are used in the “real world”. Large investors will have the option to purchase tokens from the IPI wallet. They will only be able to do so if they agree to hold the tokens long term. Large purchase orders OTC have better price execution which is highly appealing to potential investors. This in turn allows us to raise USD for our cause, without dumping our tokens on the open market. Win win with a cherry on top.

Ensorcia, for example, plans to make a sizable cash contribution to our efforts, through purchasing $LITH and subsequently donating that $LITH to the IPI wallet. We fully expect other institutions and individuals to follow suit. Either purchasing tokens to donate to the IPI wallet, or purchasing tokens from the IPI wallet.

This approach also puts LITH Token in front of more people; more exposure for the project itself. It is a win-win for all parties involved.

The IPI wallet address is listed below.


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LITH is a diverse team of experts with experience in various fields including energy, technology, business, finance and law. Our goal is to create opportunities for individuals and businesses that have the potential to scale on an international level while remaining socially and environmentally conscious. As more countries across the globe are adopting environmental social governance models (ESG), LITH merchants will be able to access one global decentralized network which will provide them with new possibilities – A market of endless opportunity stretching before us everyday as we grow together!

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