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Dallas, TX – This Saturday, former UFC champion “The Phenom” Vitor Belfort will take on the legendary Evander Holyfield in an eight-round contested boxing match as the main event of Triller Fight Club 3 in Hollywood, Fla. In a pre-fight video released today, “This Fight is Our Fight,” Vitor reflects on the much bigger fight underway everyday throughout the world to switch to clean energy.

“People ask me… Vitor, how much energy do you have – and what’s your definition? It’s simple. It’s your whole being. If there’s oxygen in your lungs that means you have energy. For me, everything I do, it makes sense with the values of my life. We are looking to preserve, that is something that starts with you. I am very honored to be part of something bigger, bigger than life, because it is about sustainability.”

LITH Token ($LITH) is a green-oriented decentralized community focused on improving the environment and indigenous people in Chile and Argentina through the Indigenous People’s Initiative.

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A native of Brazil, Belfort (IG: @vitorbelfort) is considered by many to be one of the greatest champions in the sport of mixed martial arts. Throughout his life, Belfort has applied the practice of Christianity as well as the principles of respect and discipline as taught to him in his boxing and martial arts training. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Belfort began boxing at the age of 12. He later earned a black belt in jiu-jitsu with the famed Carlson Gracie. He entered the UFC at age 19, and became the youngest fighter ever to score a victory in the Octagon. Belfort has been competing in professional combat sports since 1996. To watch Belfort vs. Holyfield live this Saturday on Triller Fight Club, click here:

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The LITH mission is decentralizing and incentivizing a cleaner future through cryptocurrency.

The LITH Token (ERC-20 & ERC-1155) will be the cryptocurrency of choice for sustainable and socially conscious businesses to thrive. LITH utilizes blockchain technology to create an environment where all stakeholders within an ecosystem are incentivized to work together towards a common goal, creating a better world through decentralization and accountability in business.

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