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Mocha Tribe is a subscription CBD-infused coffee brand. Founded in 2020, this coffee brand offers delicious coffee that is infused with all-natural ingredients that give you lasting energy, help you stay focused, and deliver the soothing properties of your favorite natural products.


Once upon a time, Mukund Komanduri, the founder of Mocha Tribe, was busy working hours in the studio, assisting on video shoots all day, and driving miles around Los Angeles, where he was based. 

Mukund noticed that his artists were often bringing giant cups of coffee into sessions. He asked them how much they spent in a month on coffee and was astounded by the amount of money they spent on average-tasting coffee. Komanduri decided to merge the subscription model and e-commerce, which have both been around for a while, to create a coffee service that doesn’t require a physical shop while also delivering quality coffee to customers’ doorsteps.

For folks who are constantly on the move, this will save them time, money, and physical effort. That wasn’t enough for him, though. He chose to add CBD coffee and tea into the mix, as this is the new trend.  So, Mocha Tribe was created out of a desire to save time and drink quality coffee. It was created to provide you with great blends while allowing you to spend more time with the people you love, doing the things you love. 

Mukund Komanduri has leveraged his experience in the entertainment industry to transform Mocha Tribe into not just a B2C startup but also a full-scale entertainment, content creation, and marketing behemoth.  


Available Mocha Tribe Products include Premium Coffee Beans, K-Cup Pods, 100% Ground Coffee, Nespresso Capsules, Coffee Gadgets, and Coffee Apparel. Mocha Tribe Coffee, which can be shipped to you quarterly, monthly, or as needed, contains a natural blend of ingredients that won’t make you crash. 

Customers can choose from Premium Coffee Beans, K-Cup Ready Pods, or 100% Ground Coffee. Some of the features of the coffee include:

  • No toxins
  • Organically grown
  • Non-GMO. That is, they are produced without genetic engineering, and the ingredients used are not derived from GMOs.

You can shop for any Mocha Tribe product, including their coffee that gives more energy and clear thinking here


Most coffee manufactures and distributors only infuse between 100-250mg of CBD in their products, but Mocha Tribe’s CBD-infused coffee blends come with an extra high 500mg Nano-CBD in each bag for the same amount or even less. 

Other reasons why you should consider Mocha Tribe CBD-infused coffee include:

  • Free of all toxins
  • Organically grown 
  • Made in the US
  • Vegan/Non-GMO
  • No after-burn 
  • Contains all the healing and soothing properties of the best CBD you can desire
  • Absolutely delicious


When you sign up, you may customize your subscription to fit your specific coffee needs. All you have to do is to choose how much, how often, and the type of coffee you want. Mocha Tribe will ensure that the coffee is roasted to order and then shipped to your door when you want it. 

A curated subscription box of coffee is delivered to customers’ doorsteps based on their schedules. Upon receipt thereof, the customers automatically become a part of what is referred to as the “digital tribe.” 

As a part of the digital tribe, the customers will be receiving fresh content through social media channels each week. Additionally, they will be given an invitation to jam among themselves at weekly “tribe sessions.” 

For their bagged bean subscriptions, Mocha Tribe offers Standard Bag (12oz), and for their Single Serve Pods, they offer 24 count boxes. Check out Mocha Tribe’s website here to learn more about their subscription model.   


On September 23rd, 2021, LITH Token announced its partnership with Mocha Tribe Coffee. This partnership will see Mocha Tribe become the first company to work towards earning the LITH Token’s ESG stamp of approval, which is centered on upholding a decentralized, ESG-friendly business model in sustainability and ethics.

LITH Token is leading the charge to incentivize executive leaders and entrepreneurs to adopt an ESG-friendly business model. It aims to revolutionize the model for ESG by creating a platform that will meet the growing demand for integrity in commerce. 

Mocha Tribe is unique, bringing its business model and the entire coffee shop experience to people’s homes. Similarly, LITH Token is bringing ESG to the blockchain in a fashion that has never been seen before. You can learn more about LITH Token by checking out the project whitepaper here

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