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Cheyenne, WY – LITH Token ($LITH), a green-oriented decentralized community focused on improving the environment, today announced a partnership with Dreamfield Sports, the premier collegiate athlete “NIL” (Name, Image and Likeness) marketplace to present team-wide $LITH Token sponsorship opportunities to student-athletes at Florida.“$LITH Token is pleased to partner with Dreamfield Sports to offer student-athletes at Florida an opportunity to join in the fight for clean energy,” said Andrew Rymer, $LITH Token founder. “Dreamfield will assist $LITH in recruiting our next-generation leaders that embrace sustainability and the concept of building an ESG-friendly business community.”

“Dreamfield continues to be a leader in implementing team wide deals at scale in this new emerging NIL market. We are here to make sure $LITH implements their NIL vision on a large scale effectively and efficiently. Bringing another blockchain utility token to a powerhouse program, this time the Florida Gators, is exciting,” said Luis Pardillo, CEO of Dreamfield. “There is clear value in working with college athletes as influencers to promote a product, a service, or a clean energy movement like $LITH, and Dreamfield continues to make these transactions as smooth as possible for everyone involved.”

In July 2021, days after NIL legislation went into effect in the state of Florida, the quarterbacks for the Florida State University, McKenzie Milton, and the University of Miami, D’Eriq King, unveiled a partnership with Dreamfield Sports to ink one of the first major deals in the dawn of a new era in college athletics. 

Dreamfield Sports helps to pair college athletes with brands and businesses and facilitate compensation in exchange for use of their NIL. Dreamfield coordinates payments between the two parties, but does not take any money from the athlete. Instead, the company receives a 15 percent fee direct from the business at the time of the transaction.

Launched in June 2021, $LITH Token is combining technologies in the cryptocurrency and lithium mining sectors to aid in the global effort to decarbonize our planet.

LITH Token is very much in favor of the use of lithium to enable the production of sustainable vehicles, including electric cars, which primarily run on lithium batteries. However, the traditional mining and extraction method of lithium, specifically in Chile and Argentina, where 50 percent of the world’s lithium reserves are located, has damaged the environment.

To this end, LITH Token has specifically chosen to partner with Ensorcia and Sorcia Minerals, a mining company that uses a cutting-edge, proprietary technology mining process that casts a softer footprint on the local environment.

Additionally, LITH Token has created the Indigenous People’s Initiative (IPI), which helps to provide indigenous people with the tools and education for better living in a new and cleaner environment. To fund this Indigenous People’s Initiative, LITH Token (IG: @lithtoken) has opened an IPI wallet, which is currently funded with 10 million tokens. Moving forward, all profit from LITH Token merchandise sales will be used for the purpose of funding the IPI wallet and allowing for continual donations, in addition to more fundraising measures under development. LITH Token will maintain 50 percent of the profits of merchandise sold in USD and 50 percent through LITH token buy backs. This approach allows LITH Token to have stable tokens on hand for short-term charitable goals, and LITH tokens that can grow in value for long term goals.

LITH Token merchandise is available for purchase through the official $LITH website at; ALL proceeds from merchandise sales will benefit the Indigenous People’s Initiative.

About Dreamfield Sports (

Dreamfield Sports is an Orlando-based technology startup and the premier marketplace allowing collegiate athletes to profit from their “NIL” (Name, Image and Likeness). Dreamfield’s proprietary technology-centered, two-way communication platform enables commercial brands to hire athletes through smart contracting for live events, social media campaigns, commercial opportunities – and/or a combination of marketing opportunities. Through the Dreamfield exchange, “Campaign Mode”, brands can receive pitches and applications from athletes who identify with their products or services and wish to explore working relationships.

About LITH Token (

The LITH mission is decentralizing and incentivizing a cleaner future through cryptocurrency.

The LITH Token (ERC-20 & ERC-1155) will be the cryptocurrency of choice for sustainable and socially conscious businesses to thrive. LITH utilizes blockchain technology to create an environment where all stakeholders within an ecosystem are incentivized to work together towards a common goal, creating a better world through decentralization and accountability in business.

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